Monday, March 25, 2013

This week, I am rereading "The Mystery on Observatory Hill," written by my mother, Eleanor Rosellini! This book is our next 4th grade book club pick and my mother will be visiting the club to talk about being an author! In this story, Elizabeth and Jonathan Pollack, who are detectives-in-training, take a family vacation to Germany. Along with their German friend Peter, they tackle a mystery involving long-lost scientific notebooks. I am a bit biased of course, but this is a great mystery and has some very funny parts!

In French, I've just started "Kamo et Moi," by Daniel Pennac. This book is about a group of boys who are very afraid of their super strict French teacher. He makes them write essays every week, and if they ever don't try their best or pretend they lost their essay, he always knows somehow, and invites their parents in for a little chat.

Here's my favorite quote so far:

"Une rédac par semaine. Trente-six rédac par an. Cent quarante-quatre rédactions de la sixième à la troisième. Faites votre portrait, Racontez vos vacances, Une soirée en famille, En quoi avez-vous changé depuis l'année dernière à la même date?, Décrivez le jardin de votre tante. Sans blague! Il nous a vraiment posé ce sujet: Décrivez le jardin de votre tante! Kamo et moi avions passé le samedi suivant en retenue: j'avais un jardin mais pas de tante, et lui une tante sans jardin."

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