Monday, February 25, 2013

I hope everyone had a nice February break!

This week, I am reading two very different, but great books:

The first is called: "The Mary Celeste: An Unsolved Mystery from History" by Jane Yolen and her daughter, Heidi Stemple. This nonfiction book is part of a series and tells the story of the ship Mary Celeste, which set sail from New York in November 1872 and was found drifting in the ocean, abandoned, a few weeks later. A young girl from the present day narrates the story and invites the reader to draw his/her own conclusions as to what happened to the passengers. This book had just the right amount of text, interesting facts "written" on notebook paper, and beautiful watercolor illustrations.

I am going to interview one of the authors, Heidi Stemple, when I attend the MSLA (Massachusetts School Library Association) annual conference this weekend!

The other book I'm reading at the moment is from the series "C'est la vie Lulu!" and is called:
"Ma grande soeur me commande." Kids will immediately identify with 8-year-old Lulu's sibling rivalry with her older sister, Vanessa. In this book, Vanessa is about to turn 13 and is planning to transform the family's garage into a discotheque for an evening. Lulu gets very excited about the party and immediately invites her two best friends. Of course, when she mentions this to her sister, Vanessa immediately bans her from coming, and their mother backs her up! Will Lulu find a way to sneak into the party anyway? Read the book to find out!

*If you like this book, our library has many other titles in the same series!

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