Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sorry for the delay in posting this week!

Right now, I am reading two very different books. One is called "A Crooked Kind of Perfect" by Linda Urban. The main character, 10-year-old Zoe, dreams of piano lessons but ends up getting an organ from her father instead. Between that and a falling-out with her former best friend, things are not looking good. However, after making friends with a group of boys at her school and meeting her very eccentric, but caring organ teacher, Zoe begins to realize that her life may already be "perfect" just as it is.

Zoe was a very relatable character and I enjoyed going on this journey with her!

The other book I am reading is called: "Abraham Lincoln & Frederick Douglass: The Story Behind an American Friendship" by Russell Freedman. This is a fascinating parallel biography of two great men. The book includes amazing photographs, newspaper articles, and more from the 1800s. It is one thing to read about how Douglass' two sons signed up for the first African-American regiment from a free state (the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry) but it's another to see their faces in the book, staring back at you. Highly recommended!

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