Monday, September 24, 2012

This weekend I finished reading "Up and Down the Scratchy Mountains," an entertaining adventure story by Laurel Snyder.  Lucy, the main character, may look like Heidi on the book cover, but let's just say she's not quite so sweet.  Her temper is as fiery as her hair, so one day, when her best friend Wynston doesn't show up for their weekly berry-picking session, she impulsively takes off toward the Scratchy Mountains, where she hopes to find her mother, who has been gone ever since she was a small child.  She brings her family's cow Rosebud with her, and picks up a prairie dog she names "Cat" along the way (as you can see from the cover, Cat is just along for the ride!)  =)  Read this book if you like friendship stories with some fairy tale elements thrown in!

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